DH22 Hardware connection with bolt and arduino

Im doing a project on temperature and humidity sensing and control using DH22, Bolt and Arduino. I’m unable to get output after connecting the sensor. I will happy if anyone can guide me in connection and Arduino program

@shenbagapandian98 We have project currently on Hackster.io explaining how to connect the DHT11 sensor with the Bolt and Arduino.

In your case, since you are using a DHT22 sensor, the connections will differ slightly.
@vinayak.joshi - Can you guide him with the connections?

The connections will remain the same, you only need to change the library in the Arduino code to handle DHT22 sensor.
Here is another link which you might find to be useful,

My all connections is perfect but still Bolt cloud doesn’t show the value of dht22 sensor value

IAM using dht22 sensor it have four pin 1 VCC
Pin2 data
Pin3 NC
Pin4 Gnd

My program also correct my library also correct

But still Bolt cloud doesn’t show value of dht22 sensor value

Please help me bro

Hi @shenbagapandian98,
Given that the data count is showing 4, it seems to me that you may have entered the wrong variable names for the plot chart function in your Cloud product code.

Ensure that the variable names you use in the plotchart function in the product code section are the same the once that you gave to the pins in the hardware configurations page.