Did not receive certificate yet

I completed my final exam and submitted all the required links on 23 February 2020. I have not received my certificate yet. I have also checked my SPAM and INBOX folder for subject “Bolt IoT test result". Please let me know what to do.

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Same with me, it’s over one week but haven’t received the certificate

@tejpunjraju8a @vikasverma250999 If you have not received your certificate in the email, please check your SPAM folder for “Bolt IoT test result”.
If the email is not present over there also, then the certificate should be sent in 1-2 days time. There may be a lot of students whose exams are pending to be graded.

@shoeb.ahmed i had given the certification test on 4 July 2022 and also posted the project link and forum questions link but i didn’t received the certificate yet.
I need to submit it in the college within 2 or 3 days
Please Reply to me as soon as possible.

@kratiksoni1104 I have already replied to this. You’ll receive it by today(Tuesday) end of the day.

Please send a mail with your problem and a valid proof in the boltiot helpline mail I’d. I’ll send this mail I’d [support@boltiot.com]