Did not receive Internship certificate

I had submitted my internship project in the form and provided. It’s been a week that I have submitted those but didn’t receive my certificate for IOT internship yet ??

@rittzdevnani I request you to please wait for 7 to 10 working days. You will surely get feedback on your Assured Internship submission.

hello @rittzdevnani , Basically you need to get an email within 7 working days, do check your spam folder in your email. IF at all you didn’t get any response from them you can write an email for the feedback and further steps.
email:- support@boltiot.com

Thanks for the feedback. A favour again. Could you please provide an offer letter for this internship as I need it for submission purposes.


Please put an email to support@boltiot.com along with relevant proof from college/officials having requirements for an offer letter of the internship. Our team will verify the details and will share the offer letter.