Didn't receive male-female jumper wires in the kit

I didn’t receive male-female jumper wires in my kit. I have 6 male-male jumper wires. What should I do now ?

Hello @y.soni
please cheak your kits components once again.
if male-female jumper really not there
than mail your components image to the support@boltiot.com.
than team solve your problem
Hope this information is useful for you.

I have only received 3 male-male jumper wires, I have sent a picture to the above email but no response from the other side.

@anngrace267 That seems correct, you have all the components that are required to build the projects that are there in the training. If in case you face any issues due to this, then let us know.

Male-to-male, male-to-female, and female-to-female jumper wires are the most common types. The wire’s termination tip distinguishes each one from the other. While female ends do not have a protruding pin and are used to plug into items, male ends do.

I didn’t get male-female jumper wires in my kit, image result Six male-male jumper wires are available. Now what should I do?
Spring Wire (Female to Female)

They are straightforward wires with connector pins at each end that can be used to link two places together. These are frequently used in conjunction with breadboards and other prototyping tools to make it simple to modify a circuit as necessary.@y.soni