Difference between Bolt and Arduino?

What is the difference between bolt and arduino?

Arduino and bolt are quite similar in that they are both platforms for creating devices. But Arduino requires a much better understanding of electronics than bolt and the interface of Bolt is much easier for newcomers.

I think bolt is one of a kind where as under arduino we have variety of boards like arduino uno, leonardo, mini, mega etc. Some of the arduino boards have built in wireless connectivity option i.e we don’t have to connects some modules like esp8266 or hc-06 externally for wireless feature. The type of arduino used totally depends on the application , if we want more number of pins for connecting sensors then we can go with arduino mega .


Microcontroller module -> ESP8266 : ATmega328P
Digital pins -> 5 : 14
ADC pins -> 1 : 6
PWM -> all 5 digital pins : 6 out of 14 pins
WiFi Module -> included(802.11 b/g/n) : not included
clock frequency -> 80MHz : 16MHz
Operating voltage -> 3.3v : 5v
more specs about arduino at : https://store.arduino.cc/usa/arduino-uno-rev3
more specs about bolt at : https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/so-what-is-bolt-iot

I think both are used in IoT devices.The major difference is that Bolt it basically used in IoT Platform only or we can say that it is designed for IoT based Project and Arduino is a general Purpose Platform used in many projects and it has no on board storage capacity except ROM space but the Bolt cloud platform has storage capacity.

Arduino is no IoT friendly where as Bolt is, you can just upload your code over cloud and ‘n’ number of bolt devices can connect to it unlike Arduino where you have to inject the code one by one in each device. Hope it helped!

using Arduino requires some additional knowledge regarding interfacing devices with it when require and it also require its own arduino coding which is some what different from regular using programming languages. In case of Bolt iot it also serves the same purpose as arduino serves but the thing we need to know is it is very simple and easily accessible to connect and configure with other devices and the programming for projects with it is simple we can do by python, java,html.

Bolt has the feature of cloud, so it is easy to gather data and use them in Google graphs embedded in it and to control devices. Arduino offers no cloud support.
Bolt has more efficiency with less circuit complexity as compared to Arduino.

Bolt is an iot platform or we can call it a plug which is used to do tasks related only to IOT using bolt module .
Whereas Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy to use and interface hardware and software. It is a general purpose platform that can be used for many other tasks including IoT . So this has a wide application as compared to Bolt IOT.