Difference Between Buzzer Project with and Without API key

Hey so i just got to around finishing the 7th project, i did it with the buzzer instead of the LED cause the LED was giving me problems. It worked well and i understood how it worked because we provide our bolt ID and API key for the command to reach my specific bolt module from the cloud. If this is how it works(I may be wrong but this is my understanding for now) then how did it work in project 5 when we didn’t provide the Bolt ID and API key??

see in the project 5 you are provided with the editor on the browser itself the code you have written goes to the cloud via your account consisting the keys and id but when your are accessing the bolt cloud through our python code you need to have the device connected to cloud and api and is to access your device

A typical method for doing authentication is through passwords which we are all mindful of. However, often we have to validate programmatically for convenience’s sake. That’s the reason we used API Key.

The API key is a secret token that is used to identify the root of a request. It is the name given to some type of secret token which is submitted alongside web service requests in order to identify the root of the request.

Typically, if you can identify the source of a request positively, it goes as a type of confirmation, which can prompt access control. It is utilized to track and control how the API is being utilized.

so the difference is clear why we need API and we miss without API

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Alright got it!! Had a feeling it was cause of the bolt cloud for project 5, but just had to confirm. Thanks alot