Difficulty in accessing analog value from soil moisture sensor

I’m currently working on a project where I need a soil moisture sensor, I have ensured that my circuit is correct and pins are perfectly plugged.
When I am running the code I am getting a constant sensor value i.e “1024”
Just for analyzing the sensor value, the code which I executed is as follows:
and the output I’m getting in both dry as well as wet condition is:
Has anyone faced the same problem? any solution for this!!

@prathamesh272000 I think there might be some short circuit on the pins of the sensor. Please check and clean it. Remove any stray water or soil particles.

When the sensor is wet the amplifier is receiving the data… u can see the led glowing in the second image.
But on the screen, it only shows “1024” no change in value…

@prathamesh272000 Which pin have you connected the Soil sensor to the Bolt? Have you done the same for the product config.

Even I am facing this issue.