Digita Ocean Transaction Problem

I created account of ocean digital account they are charging me Rs 374 during transaction should i do this payment will it be credited back. And the account telling is $100 will be credited.
can I know how to process ahead.

Hello, do not worry about creating ur digital ocean account just set up by filling ur credit/debit card details and automatically a nominal amount of around Rs 300 would be charged just for the purpose of verifying ur card details and then after few minutes the same amount would be credited back.
U would be getting free credits of around $10 if u click using the link provided in your online training after creating your digital ocean account.

I am getting this message as $100 credited to account but tutorial say $50 so should i continue

No problem, u can continue with it. Infact ur getting more credits so nothing to worry. Go ahead.

Thank You for solving my queries. just last one my card is been declined i tried other card too same.