Hello sir
Can you please tell me the way to give input and recieve an output from the bolt device??
I read the documents, but I didnt get it??
What is the syntax??

Hi @chakitbhandari93,
We have all the documents in the Bolt cloud
1.log in to the bolt cloud
2. in the left side you will see a document icon click that all the code will be avaliable

Thank you

I tried looking on the docs page but unable to understand it.
Could you please explain it to me ??

Let us take an example of any sensor which is input device,which collects the data and give it to the bolt device,so to know the value of data of sensor you need to write command : digitalRead(pin number)
eg: digitalRead(0)
This will get the data of the sensor connected to pin 0 in wifi module.
you can also assign a value to it eg: a=digitalRead(0)

For the output part let us take example of LED which is output device.We can give the value LOW or HIGH to it with the help of digitalWrite command.
eg: digitalWrite(0,‘LOW’)
This will give value LOW to led(led is off) which is connected to pin 0.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much for your detailed explanation @Pri_Bolt