Digital Ocean Account Activation

I signed up on the Digital Ocean account with my E mail Id, after which I had to enter the billing details. I gave card details of my mother’s bank account and Digital Ocean debited Rs. 350 for bank account verification. After that I was asked to provide authentication using a Government ID and a selfie. I used my DL as the ID proof, but got a message saying my account couldn’t be verified. I tried using my Aadhaar card next and got a message saying my access to the account has been denied.
I contacted their security operations center through email, but haven’t received any response.
In the account it says that it has been activated on 28/04/2020, but my access is denied.
Kindly help me resolve this issue. Thank You.
Please find attached a screenshot of the message that reads access denied.

You should go through their Terms of Service once. Perhaps you might have entered something which violated these terms. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, maybe it’s taking them more time to respond.
In case if it doesn’t work out, I will recommend you to switch to using Linux on a virtual machine and then start your server.
The links for vmware and linux server image are given resp.
vmware link
Linux iso file

Thank you for your response @sakshidoshi3
I have only entered my details, i.e, name, address, bank account and uploaded ID proofs. After this step, I got the message about access denial. I even checked their terms and conditions to see if I have entered something wrong. I haven’t violated any of their terms.
They have debited Rs. 350 also and there is no credit. I understand that due to Covid 19 they may not be able to respond on time, but how do I get my refund in this case?

I think the best you can do is just wait or spam them :((
I went on many forums right now and their support does appear to be quite slow

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There is an option to deactivate my account. If I do so, will I at least get the refund?

I don’t think you should deactivate your account. If you do so, you won’t have proof that your account cannot be accessed. Moreover, deactivating also ensures that they delete all your card data. Hence, if you deactivate, they won’t have any account to refund to.

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Hi @sakshidoshi3 !
Thank you for your support. My issue with Digital ocean account activation got resolved.

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Always happy to help :))