Digital ocean account creation fees

whether we will get return back the money which we debited when we used to create digital ocean acc.

@vinayak2003 There are no account creation fees for Digital Ocean. If you have created an account using the link that is given in the training section, you will get free credits in your Digital Ocean account. You can use these credits to run your projects.

Please contact Digital Ocean Support in case you have any billing-related issues. This is a 3rd party service and Bolt IoT is not responsible if you are charged after the validity period in case you forget to cancel your subscription.

but after creating acc they will ask to verify payment method right? so we should add card details right. @shobhit.kumawat

and @shobhit.kumawat how i will download putty MSI file from pakage files, there are 3 option right
64-bit x86, 64-bit Arm and 32-bit x86 so which one to choose. They said to choose according to our windows architecture, so what is meant by that ‘architecture’. Mine windows spec is

so could you please tell which to choose.

@vinayak2003 They charge a small verification amount to verify the card. It will be refunded on your card soon. Usually, it is reflected within 24 Hours.

Regarding the Putty MSI file, you have to download the 64-bit x86 architecture file. You can use this link to download Putty for your PC.

ok @shobhit.kumawat and thank you.

after installing putty how i will login in putty, i havent got any username and password through mail.

@vinayak2003 Putty do not require any credentials to log in to its software. PuTTY is an SSH Client. Please use the IP address of your Digital Ocean Server in Putty to SSH into your server.

Please refer to Accessing the Digital Ocean Droplet | Bolt IoT for more detailed steps on this process.

@shobhit.kumawat But when i use my IP address of my server and clicking ok, then they asking username and password. And in training video they said we will get a default username and password from digital ocean by mail, but haven`t got it.