Digital ocean acessing

when i try to access the droplet with the obtained ip adress and root as user name it shows an “no authentication supported methods avalible(server sent:public key)”.
could any one resolve this.

Login from putty to check if root is fine and from the non-root user if it gives the error above. Try the methods given in the link following this guide:

You can also refer to the Digital Ocean forum discussion for this issue :

Hi @ashishchinnari108,

Digital ocean recently changed their droplet deployment process where default selected login method is using ssh keys. While creating the droplet ,choose one time password instead of ssh keys .

  1. Delete your correct droplet.
  2. Deploy the new droplet and choose on time password instead of SSH keys.
  3. You will receive the root login credentials over the email.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.