Digital ocean billing error

Hii! I am unable of completing my billing details in digital ocean as all the cards which i own is declined by the digital ocean’s server. kindly suggest me an alternate for the digital ocean so that i could complete my training and could learn the new things.

I also faced same problem so , i suggest
< 1 >check your balance in card ( i credited rs.1000 in my card)
< 2 >Allow your card for international transaction (i done this by my banking app or can call coustmer care)
Alernate is you can download VMWare as guided in lecture

I suggest you to go for either VMware or VirtualMachine. They are free to use and you need not add any payment card. Their installing procedure is given in the training itself.

yup, if ur still not getting how to install then there are links given in d video just next to digital ocean setup you may download from there and follow those steps. Setup is very easy just u need to focus and is of course free

I also faced same problem so , i suggest
check your balance in card
Allow your card for international transaction
or you can use either VMware or virtual machine.they are free to use their installing procedure is in the training itself .Many of the members use the Linux software but the code is non understandable if u get used to it ,it will be easy.