Digital ocean credit validity

Is the credit validity of Digital ocean is of 30days after activation or till it is fully used ?

Hi @SiddharthBhandarkar:

The period for which the credit will be valid is generally given when you create the account.
The credit will not be available after that amount of time.

If you were told 30 days, then the credit will not be available after 30 days.

@vinayak.joshi , so if we have 10 dollar credit as the couse says, won;'t we be allowed to use it for 2 months by taking a 5$ package on both the months?

Hi @jindaldhruva,

DigitalOcean changes their terms and conditions every now and then. So it all depends on the terms that are shown to you.

If you are shown 30 days, then it’s 30 days. If you are shown 60 days then it is 60 days. You can’t extend the timeline that way.