Digital ocean drop

Is creating an account in ocean drop is necessary in our training?

No,to access the training you have to visit
through the account which you used to pay the fee for kit. I hope this words are helpful to you

@sreejavijayagiri Thank you

Hello @hyndavi1565nani
It is not compulsory to create an account in digital ocean droplet but for knowledge and better understanding you need to create and learn more. Anyway you can deactivate your account in one month so that you will not be charged. For one time it will be charged and then it will be refunded in your account for the first month. So it is upto you.
Hope this message helped you.
Thank you.

No not needed. There is other alternatives like creating ubuntu VM’s on your personal laptop.
Else install any python IDE to get this course done.

Please see this link for similar approach