Digital ocean droplet credit card

As given in the lesson to access the digital ocean droplet we have to use our credit or debit card for the payment but i dont have any credit or debit card. even my parents toooo. so how do i make the payment and what if i didnt get the refund.


A similar query has already been resolved over here -

@akshayan.sinha thank you.

There are more 2 alternative Given in the course . They also work Pretty Good. I had used VMWare in many of my projects without any issue faced. You can also use VirtualBox as an alternative

Okay, So there has been given 2 more ways to create a server one is using VMWare and the other one is Virtual Box, and Ocean Droplet is not mandatory you can use any one of them, I personally prefer VMWare as it smaller application than Virtual Box thus it works faster. Lastly, you can also use online compilers and IDE like replit and Anaconda to run the python code.

In this case you cannot use Digital Ocean. You can download VMware and proceed your codings there.

you can also use the VMWare software instead of Digital Ocean droplet