Digital ocean droplet ubuntu version and payment issue

recently I had created my digital ocean droplet account where I pay around 5 dollars (399 rupees) but i didn’t get back also I didn’t found the ubuntu version of 16.04 that suggested in my training rather than i had only

the version found in the above picture can anyone reply which version should I need to select

Hi @rajmohanoff,

You can go ahead with the 20.04 LTS version of Ubuntu. There won’t be an issue with your projects.

Also regarding the amount that you have paid. If you have used a link mentioned in Bolt IoT and ML Training, you will get certain free credits to proceed with your projects. You will have to verify a payment method to verify your account and get trial credits. The amount that you have paid for verification will be refunded back to your credit card.

In case you have paid via Paypal, you won’t get any refund of the amount that you have paid. As per t&c of Digital Ocean, the amount that you have paid via Paypal will not be refunded but will be adjusted in future bills. You can use that amount in future bills.

@shobhit.kumawat Thank you mate I had a clear solution

how to create new droplet account pls tell me

Hi @sec19cs125,

Please refer to the video given in training regarding this. You could also visit Getting Started with DigitalOcean :: DigitalOcean Documentation to get started on DigitalOcean.