Digital Ocean Droplets creation

i am trying to create new droplet first time in digital ocean. it requires SSH key or create my own password. At first i create my password but did not receive any mail which include username and password .
there is 2nd option available in which we need to add SSH key for creating droplet. and i don’t know how to add SSH key.
The slide you share on internshala platform , there you skipped these important things.
please resolve my problem as soon as possible . Because i have only 1 WEEK LEFT to complete my training and yet i am not able to do it.
Sorry but i am disappointed because in the starting of training you assured us , we will get our query solved within 24 hour. but i mailed you 2 days ago but did not receive satisfying answer.
When i asked in forum section it took 4-5 days to you to respond.
I hope this time you will solve my problem

Hi, you just have to create your own password , the mail id is same as the one which u registered in Bolt IoT platform. But please note down the password. No mail will be sent to u. U have to remember the password. After creating that, u will get your own Ubuntu server IP address. Check if putty application is installed in your PC. If not, install that. And after that give the IP address provided by Ubuntu. login name is root and password is the password which u created. Hope this was useful.