Digital ocean droplets

Iam using PUTTY software in my PC… Now its not working i dont know why ,i was doing my message alert temperature control project and the next day when i start the PUTTY software it didn’t connect me to the server(droplet)
and i got this email regarding this problem from digital ocean … Now what should i do … Please guide me

You can contact digital ocean help center to address this issue . Meanwhile you can continue to your project development via using the Ubuntu server inside a virtualization software like vmbox or vmware . They will provide you with the same experience from you local computer . The steps are provided as alternative steps in the course.

Hi @st.deepak15,

Your Digitalocean droplet is compromised and someone was using your droplet for DDoS attack that why Digital ocean could have stopped your droplet. It could be hacked because of weak root password of your droplet.

Now you can go to DigitalOCean and delete that droplet and launch a new droplet. (Set some strong password)