Digital ocean IP address

from where can I get the digital ocean droplet IP address so that I can install it on a windows pc?

hey there,

for getting digitalocean droplet IP address,first you have to complete the payment/billing process,then they will immediately send you your’s only IP address,username,password to your gmail address.
let me tell you how I installed the ubuntu droplet in my windows 10,

(*) I created a new account in digital ocean and completed my payment process,

(*)the page asked to complete a form as shown in the tutorial —there I “filled it with appropriate details and clicked create droplet”,

(*)then they sent me the details i mentioned above like username,IP address… to my mail,as soon as i got my IP address,

(*)there is a link to install PuTTy software to windows users in Vertual Private Server module>>>Accessing the digital ocean droplet docs ,in the tutorial you can look for it by yourself.

(*) PuTTy is a free Telnet and SSH terminal software for Windows and Unix platforms that enable users to remotely access computers over the Internet.

(*)after installing PuTTy i gave my IP address to it and clicked ‘open’ and entered my username and password and used the droplet.

this is how i installed the digitalocean droplet in my windows 10,hope this might answer your question,happy coding:)

Thank you so much, This was very much helpful to me as i was facing same problem as mentioned above.