Digital Ocean (New) Crediting 2

"Hi there!

Every user of DigitalOcean has a unique referral URL. When someone uses your link to visit DigitalOcean and signs up for an account, they become a Pending Referral listed in your account.

Once that customer incurs and submits payment for at least $25 in billable services, your referral will be converted and will appear under the Earned column.

We honor referral payouts at the beginning of each month after evaluating the referral status of each account. This can take a bit of time as we evaluate a number of variables, but at that point, all of the Earned referrals will be credited to your account ($25 each). Your referral will then appear in the Paid column of your referrals page.

Further information:
1. There is no limit to how many people you can refer.
2. Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively apply referral URLs to user accounts."
I wasn’t pretty satisfied with the clarification given by digital ocean regarding my cashback but I definitely understood the policy of referral.