Digital Ocean (New) Crediting

I have around 200/- in my debit card and well, while registering my debit card to digital ocean it says there’s insufficient funds.Hence I don’t know how much is it charging; It even says my account will be credited with $50 instead of $10 which is mentioned in the course. I read the information provided in the digital ocean website regarding this free credit; it says we need to debit $25 to be credited with $50. I think the digital ocean has updated there crediting techniques, so I would want someone to help me by clarifying that how exactly this new free crediting works in digital ocean. Thank you in advance

@sampatkumar.mca17 There is a chance that Digital Ocean has updated the policy. Could you write to Digital Ocean support about the same? Also, we would appreciate if you could post the response here so that it is beneficial for other students as well.

Here is the link of Digital Ocean support: Just copy and paste your query on this site and press submit.

Yes I’d do that right now. Thank you very much sir!