Digital ocean (putty error)

I installed putty. when I pasted the IP address that I received through email and save it shows up network connection time out.
I did turn off my firewall settings but still, it doesn’t work?
help me out,

I am stuck for so long with this issue

Hi @okarbhal ,
Apparently instead of turning off your firewall settings you should add your IP address by going to the IP section which is in the website"".
You can get your IP address by accessing website “” ,you can copy the IP adrress you see in this website and paste in the IP section as I mentioned earlier.
You should wait for a while until it gets added once it gets added.
I think that should do and it is helpful.
If it’s still not clear, you can go through the youtube link below where it’s clearly said how to solve the problem.
Solution link:

Hi @okarbhal,

Are you using any college wifi network? Many time college administrations blocks the SFTP connections.
Also recheck your Droplet ip , username and password.