Digital ocean (putty problem)

putty is showing network connection error?
what is the issue and how to solve it?


can you please share the screenshot of it??

@okarbhal Please check if you are connected to the Internet. Also, please send a screenshot of the issue.

I have this problem too and switching network does not help.

Please Check that You Are Entering The Detail Corretly And Please Check The Proxy Setting
Sometime It Does Not Get Connect Because Of Server problem Also

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Thank you, Sir, I have not used any proxy in my network settings, it’s our institute internet (LAN) connection

i am facing same problem …when i was entered IP address that was showing connection problem now its showing host does not exist …how to resolve this ?

here is my proxy setting is it correct?

I wrote the code in putty but i don’t know how to run it

Hi @alamhbk420,

Can you share some screenshot for reference ? After writing the code, you can just type the below command in the terminal.

sudo python3

For example:

sudo python3

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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I don’t understand why we use digital ocean ,in earlier videos we created turn ON/OFF LED program in boltiot module

How write code like we do in Arduino
eg conditional statement ,loops, digital input ,digital output

It is because Bolt wifi module doesn’t have an operating system on board but by using digital ocean you can give it a remote operating system. Like you can collect sensor input from bolt module, move the data to remote server, use operating system on that server to process it and finally send the value back to control your device

Arduino has a microcontroller. We use C++ on the Arduino IDE to program that.

BoltIoT is a wifi module. That mostly helps you connect multiple devices over the internet. Python being the simplest language, it is BEST to use it to program the bolt module.
You can use BoltIoT WITH Arduino. We call it Boltduino.

I see you are facing issue with digital ocean, putty etc. Let me remind you, this comes under VPS (as per your training module).

For using Linux as an OS to control the module, it was a part of the training. (Benefits - UNLIMITED)

Other Alternative of Digital Ocean is using a VirtualBox or VMware. (Provided in the training module)

If you want to simply run the python program on windows without any knowledge of Linux, head to the thread below. I have provided the Solution there.

So how did we made LED on off program is without digital ocean only using boltiot module if it is not microcontroller

Bolt module is an ESP8266 wifi module. Which has the Bolt firmware installed in it. It uses the bolt’s predefined framework of functions to run the program.

Use import a conf. file of bolt credentials.
You have to use Bolt module from boltiot package to read the API and DEVICE_ID.
That’s why it is necessary.

Use below snippets -

import bolt_conf

from boltiot import Bolt
mybolt = Bolt(bolt_conf.API_KEY, bolt_conf.DEVICE_ID)

I already did but it is not working

Make a new thread and send your code there. hide the last few lines of API this time.

Delete last post too. Your API key is exposed.

what should i do it is not working

Make a fresh query. And send a screenshot of your code there.