Digital ocean transaction

after the digital ocean sign up my account has been transacted by 77 rupees what should i do now?

Hi! Has your account been credited or debited?

yes it asking money but , in training they said free

It has been debited.

Hi @anirudhpillai79,

Please check the messages regarding the debit of the funds.

You will find two messages, with the same amount, with the difference that one of them will be +77 and the other will be -77.

Digital Ocean charges this as a token amount to verify that your card is chargable. It puts the money back into your account within minutes of confirming that the card is chargable.

Thanks a lot! my amount has been again credited

ive received a message about the debit of rs 77 as well as rs 359 at the same time as i had selected the entire services in the configuration management section . What do i do will i get a refund as it was mentioned earlier that this was entirely free

My account has been debited 68 twice… But my father has blocked the card … Now how to get the refund?

Have you still in the same situation?