Digital Ocean, unbuntu

What should I use Digital Ocean or Ubuntun

I am a biggner please help me what to use and why they are used

Hello @abutalahabelvadi, the BOLT team themselves have proposed UBUNTU as an alternate for the DigitalOcean VPS. I am also using the UBUNTU OS to run the python code because at the end DigitalOcean is a paid service.Many new users find it difficult to use, most importantly the problem occurs at the stage where we have to enter the Payment Details because they don’t accept RuPay cards and others too.
At the end of the day, you just want to have a VPS through which you can run the code so UBUNTU suits me very well. Choice is upto you but getting a hand over the CLI in UBUNTU just gives you a bit more confidence in your journey.

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Thank you @vishalvats2000

I have not let yet started the VPS topic, but I have just gone through I guess in training they have the only explained about digital Ocean in terms of running code and all

And also let me know what is more convinet vmware or virtualbox

Can you tell me that if I am a biggner I will be able to understand the concept

Your welcome @abutalahabelvadi , see Digital Ocean is just a third party through which you can create and manage projects (droplets in Digital Ocean’s case). At the end you will be executing all the commands in a CLI.
By using Ubuntu, you will have the project files stored in your local machine but in case of Digital Ocean those will be remotely stored on their servers. So if you opt for Digital Ocean then you will needing a software called Putty to run the CLI commands.
At the end all boils down to storage of your project files.
Yes, you will easily understand the topics if you watch the videos carefully. Hope this solves your doubts :slight_smile:

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I have one more question and that is

What should I use virtualbox or vmware

@abutalahabelvadi you should go with Virtual Box. It’s quite good


Thank you