Digital ocean vs integromat

What is digital ocean ? What is integromat? Whats the difference between the both. I am confused a lot. pLease can someone explain it to me.

Digital Ocean is a service that provides a server or a virtual cloud which we can use to connect out BOLT module to our own cloud. This is an alternative to the BOLT cloud.
Whereas, Integromat is a online tool that behaves as an automation platform. Its different from Digital Ocean, which is a server. Integromat connects different apps on a single platform and performs defined tasks automatically. You can create easy scenarios using Integromat like, if this thing happens then do some action. You don’t require coding for it either.
Hope this has helped!

@rithu165, so is IFTTT and integromat the same?

Both automates tasks so they could be categorized as the same.

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