Digital pins and analog pinsnot working

Hello sir,
i was building my final project using bolt and arduino …
i dono why my input or output pins are not working .after this…i configured all the steps properly
but one strange thing is that blue led and green led is working correctly…but unable to receive or send commands

Hi @saimech.rymec,

Please clarify,
What did you observe that made you feel that the I/O pins are not working?
When you power up the Bolt WiFi module, and the Green and Blue LEDs turn on, does the device show as online on the Bolt Cloud?
Can you give us some details of the project that you are working on, so we can understand the issue?

the project was iot controlled car used rx and tx of bolt and supplied it 5v input and grounded it properly,but i dono why my commands where not working (when clicked on web ) .so i checked all circuits ,all are working good but bolt is not responding to server (but green light is on and also blue light ,everything looks good from outside) then to confirm i did the led on/off project then i found that pins are not getting responded…now what to do…please help…!

and when i checked all pins tx is high always


It is still not very clear as to what issue you are facing.

Could you share the code that you wrote for the Arduino and the Bolt Cloud product code that you are using?

This will help us analise and understnad the issue better.

@saimech.rymec, you may have crossed the api limit for a minute. Please check your mail, you would have received a mail from bolt. This problem will be sorted in 6 hours. I have faced the same issue :expressionless:

I am making my final project but now i am not able to make out if my tx and rx pin are working as the serial data i am sending to lcd is not being displayed in arduino how can i check if rx and tx pins are working or not.