Digital read and digital write

Can i digitally read a data and according to that data operate other pins on bolt kit
For example
If 0 is high i could write a code according to which if i give low signal to pin 1 from my ifttt server it would not give the low signal to pin 1 and if 0 pin is low and if i give high signal to pin 1from ifttt server it would not give the high signal to pin 1
I hope i was successful in explaining my problem if you gys cannot understand my problem and want to help me please mail me

Hi Priyesh

It’s hard to understand your question, but what I think you are asking about is , we read a data on BOLT GPIO and according to the read value on BOLT GPIO we want to change the state(HIGH OR LOW) of other GPIO pin.

Let me clarify your example
if gpio pin_0 is in HIGH
then make gpio pin_1 HIGH or don’t make gpio pin_1 LOW.
else make gpio pin_1 LOW or don’t make gpio pin_1 HIGH.

If I understood your question correctly reply me.

Yes this is exactly my question
But how can i do so please tell me
And can i use it as a link on ifttt server if so
how can i
Please help

Hi Priyesh

First thing is I am not familiar with IFTTT server, I can’t help in this topic.
But I can suggest you C language code or Python code but it will take 3-4 days to answer this question.

Please wait for 3 - 4 days.I will upload the answer as soon as possible.
Can you explain me about IFTTT server.