Digitalocean payment

i have paid the money but it is not refund to my account.
what to do.
please help me out of this problem the credit card is of my father and if he don’t receive the refund money then i am kill.
please help me out

Refunds of credit cards usually takes time, dont worry you might get the refund within 2 to 3 working days

Hi @abishkarsingh17 , do not worry. The same happened to me but only Rs. 374 got deducted from my bank account and not $100 (Rs 7500). I am waiting for my refund as well. It takes time because the transaction is overseas

Hi @abishkarsingh17 , sometimes it gets credited without you receiving any messages.
My money was deducted and credited without any message. Make sure you check your Bank Balance and if its not credited, it may take some time