Digitalread command is is behaving abnormally

I think there is some bug in bolt api regarding digital read. SO I need to confirm it. I have done these 2 steps: ( not revealing my bolt credentials )

STEP 1 : Turning on LED using api ( )

STEP 2 : Reading status of same pin using digital read api (

Device Behavior: In step 1 device successfully turned on led. In step 2 it gave value of pin. But abnormal thing was that LED turned off in step 2. Why is it so ? I gave digital read command just to know the state of pin whether it is on or off. But why did led turned off ? I was making a project for home in which I faced this problem.

My Device Specification - Hardware Version: 2
Firmware Version:1.4.2
Device is working fine. There is no damage.

Please let me know regarding this. Why this is happening or what can I do to remove this problem or is it a bug. Attaching link of video regarding the same…

What I observe from the video you shared is that you are trying to read and connect led to the same pin of Bolt device. This is the reason why you’re led turned off.

It is not a bug, but understand this, when you tell your bolt device to turn on the led what it does is it tells your bolt device to supply current to your led up to its maximum current limit as your device do not need any feedback from the same pin, but whereas when you tell your bolt device to read it’s input…although the pin may be high or low the current limit on that pin is far too less as compared to that of when you tell your bolt device to turn your led on.

As a result of which you see that your led turns off.

To solve this issue try taking input from some other pin and then based on that input try to turn on/off your led.

I hope this solves your doubt!!!