Direct connection of mq135 sensor with bolt module

can anyone hepl me with the connection process of mq135 gas sensor with bolt wifi module, if yes please help me with the circuit connection.
thank you.

MQ135 gas sensor/ Module has 4 pins and its direct connection to the bolt module can be as

  1. VCC/ 5v to 5v
  2. Ground to GND
  3. Digital Out to 0 or 3v3 pin (if you need Digital output, consider using a potentiometer to set the threshold)
  4. Analog Out to Ao pin (if you need Analog output, it provides 0-5v based on the intensity of the gas).
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thank you so much for the help, can you please help me how to extract the values of co2 and othe pollutants formulas so that i can extract them seperately, I’ve did a lot of research regarding it but could’nt get a clarity as all the codes are based on arduino. can you please help me with this sir.
thank you.

Try reading from this site link below :point_down: explanation here is simple.,sensor%20decreases%20along%20with%20that.

hello @shriarshanpalli i’ve done the connections as you said but the values I’m getting are too heavy sir, at the first two data points it lied between 30’s and for the very next data it landed at 500’s, I gave the coding as,
setChartTitle(‘Your Graph Title’);
setAxisName(‘time’,‘AIR quality’);
setChartTitle(“Air Quality Graph”)
and this was my output

i think these are the raw data but couldnt get the exact calculation for this,
(i hope i explained you my problem correctly) can you please help me how to slove this data error, thank you.