Disconnect Google login

I currently have my account linked via Google login, but I want to change it to email/password. Is this possible?


I’ve taken take your query to the team, and will update you soon regarding this.


You can simply click on forgot password, then enter your Gmail id and SET a new password.
This will set the password for the google account linked Bolt account and then henceforth you will be able to access your bolt account using the email and password.

I tried that but in the Forgot password form when I enter my Gmail ID it says invalid email ID.


Please share your Email ID with us, we shall look into it.

Gmail linked email: 3ddelano@gmail.com

Any updates on this?

What is the update on this?


Apologies for the delay. Can you mention the email ID (earlier used) and the new email ID? It could be that you’ve entered some incorrect email ID while creating the account or registering for the training.

@3ddelano Due to policy changes from the google side, this is not possible. Once you have created an account by signing in from google, you will have to use the same sign-in method. You can create another account with a different email id with password option if you wish to.

Ok thanks for confirming.