Disconnecting bolt wifi

I have logged in with my college mail id and it is not working. I want to switch to a different network. I have tried using IP scanner method but the Bolt is not even getting detected. Please help.

You have to login with the same id that you used in creating bolt cloud.
Also if you have used the same id can you just share me the status of lights
like how is it blinking?
Please elaborate!

The blue light is on and stable but the green light is not on. So i can’t access the cloud. It’s because I’m using the college wifi so i want to disconnect it and use my mobile hotspot now. How should I do that?

First connect the Bolt wifi module with your mobile phone. Then use the cloud app to connect the Bolt wifi module connect with the cloud. While connecting the cloud make sure you enter the wifi router’s name and password correctly, which you use to connect your wifi module. While doing this process in Bolt App make sure the mobile data is turned off. After entering the Wifi router name and password. The green LED will glow

To use mobile data for cloud you had to connect your mobile with a laptop and make the laptop as your wifi source. In that way you can use your mobile data for WiFi module.

Use the same mail id as you used to in every other process in this course and you can change the network on your bolt hardware by re-configuring it as shown in the Getting Started with the IoT Cloud module in the course.

Hi @poulamibasu40 ,
I guess you want to connect your Bolt to some other WiFi network. For that, please take your Bolt away from the range of your College WiFi.

Some networks may
not allow to connect with it.