Disconnecting wifi module for a fresh set up

I connected it to the wifi hotspot of my friend. I now want to disconnect it and want it to connect to my home wifi. How can I disconnect it?( I got this module after buying the IoT and ML training kit)


In case you’re wondering, you can go back to your home and get the module connected in a few steps.

  1. Go to Bolt Cloud and log in with the same email ID you are logged in to the Bolt App. There you should see your device BOLT293211.
  2. Click on the 3 dots at the right end of the device. And Select ‘Device info’.
  3. From there, you can disconnect the Current WiFi details the Bolt module has saved.
  4. Incase the Bolt module was CONNECTED, you’ll see the Blue LED blinking slowly.
  5. Now you can Use the app > Add Device… and follow the same procedure but with your Home WiFi.

Let me know if you need any other information.

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  1. If your friends hotspot is not in range, you can connect to your home wifi by doing the same procedure for your home wifi. make sure your home wifi has a password, as Bolt module can’t be connected to non protected wifi due to security issues.

  2. If your friends wifi hotspot is in range of your Bolt device, ask your friend to turn off the hotspot until you connect your Bolt module to your home wifi by the same procedure you did to connect to your friends hotspot.

NOTE : Make sure your home wifi is password protected. Bolt module won’t connect to a wifi network which is not protected by a password.

how can i disconnect if I have offline status . I trying but it not come in online status .

Hi @muddashirshaikh075,
In that case,to connect your Bolt to another Wi-Fi, kindly turn off your WiFi router(if in range of the Bolt) and then set it up again using the Bolt mobile app by clicking the add device button. Do let me know if you need any other help.

I had connected my bolt module to the cloud successfully, but i have recently changed my account. I have disconnected the device from the cloud, but on the mobile app its still showing the device is owned by my previous account. How to I delete the device from the mobile app?

I have tried to unshare it via the cloud dashboard, but it is showing “user has no devices”

Hi @suparni.maitra.cse25,
The device has to be manually unlinked from your previous account from our end. Please share your previous email and device ID.

I have taken this to the team and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Hi @suparni.maitra.cse25 ,

Your device is already unlinked from previous account.

  1. Logout from the setup app and login again
  2. Refresh the page on Bolt Cloud

Do let me know if you are still facing the issue.

no, the blue and green LED’s are still on and connected to cloud. I have two accounts:
Is my device unlinked from both of them?
The bolt cloud from both accounts have no devices on the dashoard.

Hi @suparni.maitra ,

Your device is connected to Bolt Cloud but not linked to any account. Change the password of your wifi network and follow the setup process again to link the device to your cloud account.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.