Displaying different graphs on a single page

We tried to display four diffrent sensors data using four different graphs, but every time we are getting only bar graphs for each of the four sensors.
What should be done?

Hi @ansari.raza05,

The multigraph feature on the Bolt Cloud is in Beta stage, and as such only allows line graphs.
You can read about the multigraph feature and how to use it here

That’s sad. We wished to display different graphs. OK, now there’s another question for you. We are designing our own website and we will use BOLT’s cloud through its API. So is it possible then to plot different graphs on our website?

@ansari.raza05: I have noted your requirement for multiple bar graphs in our feature request tracking system.
Yes you can use the Bolt Cloud API to collect data from the Bolt device, and then plot the data that you have received on the your own website.

Hi @ansari.raza05,

Yes, it is absolutely possible. After fetching the data from Bolt Cloud API, store the data in some database (MYSQL, MongoDB etc) and you can use any graph library( D3.js,Google Charts etc) to plot the graph on those data.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hi, can you point us to a resource which explains the above.
I would like to know -

  1. Storing data from BOLT to any database.
  2. calling the data from graphs.

Thank you.

Hi @ravin.sajja,

I have written some sample code for fetching the data from Bolt cloud .
Check these link

Let me know in case you need some snippet related to your language preference.