Distance between camera and objects

I’m working on a project, in which I want to create a module using Boltiot+ Aurdino. This module will help us to find the distance between camera and object. But after doing all required setups, I’m unable to find the distance.
What I’m doing -

  1. Set Boltiot module with Aurdino.
  2. Install python and after installation python, also install required packages like opencv, numpy and all others.
  3. Set camera to Aurdino and access with the help of python script (also try with android phone camera).
  4. Create a Python script to find the distance between camera and objects using image processing concepts.
    But step 3 is not work properly.

I want to create that model which takes input from camera and calculate the distance between camera and objects and send alert message if distance is less than threshold value.


What is the exact issue that you are facing? It will be helpful if you could share screenshots of any error messages.

@yeshwantnaik121 I want to calculate the distance between an object and the camera with the help of image processing, without using any sensor (except camera).
This method is helpful for avoiding the collisions.