Do i get rate limited for this?

Hi. i am running a python script that reads the incoming serial data from arduino and if the data is “yes” then it turns a pin on. and if it is “no” them it turns pin 0 low. Do i get rate limited for this if there is no deal in my circuit ? I thought that we don’t get rate limited for using the hardware serial method.
Here is the code:

#include <Ultrasonic.h>

Ultrasonic ultrasonic(12, 13);
int distance;

void setup() {

void loop() {
distance =;
if (distance<20){

Python script:
from boltiot import Bolt #import necessary libraries
import conf, time #conf contains Bolt device id and API key, available from Bolt cloud dashboard


mybolt = Bolt(API_KEY, DEVICE_ID)

while True:
response = mybolt.serialRead(‘10’) #read serial data from arduino
if response== “yes”:
mybolt.digitalWrite(‘0’, ‘HIGH’)
if response== “no”:
mybolt.digitalWrite(‘0’, ‘LOW’)

Yes you will get rate limited, because, the bolt is connected to your computer via the bolt cloud. With the current code, your computer will constantly query the cloud for the response status. I would suggest adding in a delay in your python code.

Hey @jindaldhruva,
Bolt API has a threshold of 20 hits at a time. The program will throw an error once this limit is exceeded.
You can unblock the API once using this link .
You can consider Upgrading the plan for an increased bandwidth.

Hope this helps : )