Double channel relay module

How to connect the double channel relay module to bolt WiFi module?


Repeat the process as shown in the video two times for the double channel relay module.

But I want to use only one channel of the relay. And I’m not able to understand the incoming connections in relay from bolt WiFi module. There are 7 pins out of which only 3 pins are being connected with the bolt WiFi module.

That will depend on which pins of Bolt WiFi module you want to use. I suggest you perform the experiment of glowing an LED to understand how it works.

Go through this carefully and perform the experiment given here Do share a video here once you have completed the experiment given.

I had done using with led

Next try this: ignore the second relay for now. Let me know once done.

Do let me know if this link is not helpful and if I have not understood your question correctly.

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Thanks, it’s working now