Doubt in accessing IOT and ML training wifi module

I have an doubt regarding Bolt IOT and ML wifi module kit. I want to know can we connect Bolt wifi module kit to mobile internet instead of router, if yes then how?
And what is the mobile app name used to connect mobile to wifi network?

Hi @shravanichougule010 ,
You cannot connect the module to mobile data. Since it’s a WIFI module, it has to be connected to a WIFI network only.

Hi @shravanichougule010
You can connect your wifi module to another mobile hotspot
But you can’t connect it with the mobile data of the mobile in which bolt iot app is installed to connect to bolt wifi module

Hi @shravanichougule010 ,
Yes, you can connect your Bolt to your Mobile HotSpot, using the Bolt IoT Mobile App. You may download it here.

While doing the setup, click on Setup Via Hotspot Button and check the Hotspot checkbox on the next screen, as demonstrated in the screenshots below: