Doubt in Digital Ocean

Hi, Aarnav Kashyape here. I am a school student currently in 8th grade.
I haven’t understood what exactly Digital Ocean is and why do we need to use it. I haven’t understood the the $50 credit: do we have to pay the amount to continue for another month?. I also am confused on what these droplets mentioned in the video are. Also I have a Mac Operating system. Can i make the VPS on it??

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance…

hi mr.aarnav digital ocean is a cloud computing platform . And it is used as a private virtual machine to run linux and to control an open source APi , mainly to deal with the IOT projects. the 50$ credit is just like minimum balance once your free trial is over can use that to reduce the amount . yes u have to pay the amount to continue for another month . droplets are nothing but segments of the cloud computing one droplet means one device .for you VPS doubt it dosen’t matter you are just gonna use a virtual machine on a cloud computing platform . Also try to use vmware it pretty simple and easy.

Thanks a lot @rskofficial424 !