Doubt in the quiz

In the Quiz of the data visualization section , the answer should be 3 line code , because we need to write a minimum of 3 line code , to plot any graph.(as asked in the question)

I totally understand what you mean and it is partially correct.
First you have to include the google charts
then specify what plot you need and then you ultimately have to plot the graph.

But if you recall your very first code or should I say the project you only used “single line” to plot the “tableGraph”.
so if we take an ideal or the simplest case we can say that only one line of code is required.


NO Dear, the answer will be one line code as it ask for minimum line of code to plot a table chart which u have done in your first project… and for that you have to write only statement i.e plotChart(‘time_stamp’,‘light’) if you remeber…