Doubt of Quiz after Project-2

Output of the LDR is digital or analog!

@nrkm555 The output of LDR is Analog. It changes with the change in intensity of light , in Bolt the value ranges from 0(absolute dark) to 1024(brightest). Where as in case of digital there is no range, if it is High it will show 1 or low it will show 0.


output of LDR is analog…that’s why we connect LDR in A0 pin on bolt module. The bolt module , with it’s built-in ADC then converts analog voltage into a digital value according to the change in the intensity of the light…

It is a analog output. As you can see you have connected the LDR to A0 pin which is analog and values that you get in the display device is analog. If it is digital you will get the values in 0’s and 1’s.

As explained in the starting lectures,here we are getting different values between 0 and 1024 which shows us the brightness and not two absolute values i.e, 0 or 1.Thus it is an analog output.We can also figure it out by observing that the AO pin is used which is for analog.

@nrkm555 it is an analog input because the value of voltages may vary depending on light intensity
(as we can see that light intensity is inversely proportional to resistance in LDR and it follows ohms law )
and for analog sensor of 10 bit value , the data can fall between 0-1023
but where as digital input have only 1/0 i.e high/low…

It is Analog as we have to receive the data as an input data