Doubt regarding device and product

Could someone explain the difference between a device and a product and why one product can be linked to many devices but not vice versa?

A product is a code that you write for a certain device. It can be shared to more than one device.
Where as vice versa is not possible. One device cannot have multiple codes linked to it.


Device is the Wifi Module that you get from the Bolt IoT and product is something that you create by adding/connecting some components to the device.

You program your product as per the requirement after connecting the components to it(product).


Device means the wifi module or controller,you got from bolt and product is made by using this controller to connect varoius component with this.
I hope this is helpful for you.

Is it correct to say that device is a physical entity, which is realized by hardware, like the Bolt IoT module and product is just a software entity, which do not exist physically, but it possess all the properties of the device in coded form ? Am I correct ?
If no, please rectify me with detailed explanation…