Doubt regarding Final exam

In final exam , I need to paste the link for project and forum answers,
I have noted this 3 links in my mobile device,
While writing the exam (during exam hours )can I go back to copy that links one by one and come back to exam to paste the link in the exam?

@sreejavijayagiri Paste your all links in a notepad file so that during your exams you can copy it from there.

OK, Are you saying about the Notepad present in the mobile device?? Can we save there?

@sreejavijayagiri , yes , you can also use laptop if you have

Hello Sreeja, in case you are using a mobile phone save the links in your notes (default app).
When you start taking your exam you will be asked to submit the links before writing the mcq test so, i think there’s no need to switch between apps to paste the links. Also my personal suggestion is to use a laptop for your test taking process as it would be more convenient.


Thank you so much …

I have two doubts about exam
1)can I submit innovative project in my final project
2)is final exam tough or it will be similar to quiz questions present in our course, I mean similar model

Also, where should I apload video for final exam,?
Should I apload video and PDF separately? In hackster. io and in final exam

its better to take your exam in a laptop or that you can paste your links in a notepad and it will be easy to access