Doubt regarding GUI Library

Hello Fellow Community Members. I want to build a GUI based desktop application for visualising the sensors data collected from sensors. So which GUI python library should I select as there are multiple options available?

Kivy, Tkinter and PyQT are some of the best python libraries available for GUI development. I shall provide you some information regarding these libraries so you can select one of them according to your needs.

  1. Kivy - This is the most preferred Python GUI framework which is used for computer and mobile applications. This library contains various features to help developers build robust applications for their system.

  2. Tkinter - The GUI framework comes embedded with Python. There is no need to separately install the same. The library is used to build GUI applications for computers. Tkinter framework is for those who are new to Python.

  3. PyQT is an amazing Python library used to build cross-platform applications both for computer and mobile. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Zaurus, and Android.

The above links provide detail explanation regarding GUI libraries. Give it a try for better understanding. Revert back if you got any more doubts. :+1:

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As a beginner, you can start off from PyGUI or Dear PyGUI. Simple and light weight for adding python controls with buttons and displaying data on it.
You can refer to few youtube videos, and if you face any issue, ask it on this thread.

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Thanks for the replies. I shall revert back in case of any further doubts regarding this topic.

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