Doubt with the states of LEDs in the Bolt Wi-Fi- Module

Please explain me the various states of both the Wi-Fi and cloud LEDs and their physical interpretation in the setup. Pleas also elaborate physical interpretation of the setup with all the combinations of the states of the two LEDSs
Wi-Fi LED Cloud LED Physical Interpretation

Slow Blinking ON/OFF
Fast Blinking ON/OFF

For Wi-Fi LED (Blue) :
ON - If you connect it to a power source it will blink for a split second showing power source is proper, soon after it starts to blink slowly.
OFF- If the Bolt wifi module is not connected to any power source it simply won’t blink.
Slow Blink - It means it is transmitting hotspot and ready for its setup. Here, go onto the bolt app on your smart phone, click on add device and follow the 3 steps given. Your phone should have wifi internet connectivity.
Fast Blink - It does this when your phone is connected to bolt hotspot. Soon after it goes to steady bright blue light.

For Cloud LED (Green) :
Since, the Wi-Fi LED is glowing in steady state, go to [] to connect this device to the bolt cloud (Add device) and follow the steps.
When this LED is also steadily on along with the Wi-Fi LED, it means it has internet connectivity and also bolt cloud connectivity.

Thanks @namanagarwal1341 for your explanations. I want to know the difference between internet connectivity and Bolt connectivity - do one imply the other ? Which connection takes first ?

Blue LEDs blinking just says your Bolt wifi module is on(power). If its constant in glowing, that is stable it means that it is connected to local wifi and unless and until disconnected from there will remain stable(blue led), green led if is stable it symbolizes that your device is connected now to cloud and you can manage( control) your device from there.

Hello everyone, I have only one doubt. Can anyone explain the physical significance when the Blue Wi-Fi LED is blinking fast ?