Doubts regarding final project submission

Can we submit the Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) using IoT and ML challenge project as the final project for course completion?

Hi @sujithraa,

Yes, you can submit your Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) using IoT and ML project as the final project also.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hi @rahul.singh1 ,

Thanks for the information.

[Added by admin]: The rules for project submissions has been updated. It is now compulsory to upload the project to via the project ideas tab on This link is required in the place of the hackster project link.
I have also submitted Fight Coronavirus project. So now for final project submission, do I have to describe the entire project on hackster, or can I simply use the link for my project? (link below)*W1vWKnX6CzR59N3HcpCMTZs750/*W32GZ4k7nrLBdW7sczGr49ZynJ0/5/f18dQhb0S5fm8XJ9RdW3PVW5W50RnyCMq5f1N6QDJtW1FSlSN56qZCNVcnTGj992gLmW4thrZ31nbj6kW4vgKM197jPn9W3gXhHt7dDL3ZW4r3tPf51RVLnW7nwzwL4rQxBZW1nrCGw96zRPSW6bT6L38RRjRDW5Ckvpl6vYDb4W7v70tS5SJJ-dW2PS9sY2HT8mrW6l4PFZ1gvjSzW8hz0Ys806yj3W70ml3s85-9hgW6d_00779QLV6W2v2czL8rSzQ5W8t5hYl2x4fljW7kZ81l83_yWLW4ND93Y2YD19XW9kwmBN5_v3r6W1FzFqD4n803SW5RK_wD6sS4m5W5TrGTv3vJWQtW5-7xs34bKsTGW2GkzV27hdD_jW4b2m-55DhyW9MP5hsbrX3l1W6Vzy-j8g65JmW4s2K-J63Bqd2W2yR22519rQ7CW3hScSg1nCrbgW7HfYst5NM4TYW83Nf-n45SmWZVrldlj89ppY9W3D3P2w4GVgMNW1NwBMn1MVsRjTFMTP7h7mFW103

@harneet501.rk You should describe your entire project in hackster.