Doubts regarding Project 16: Capstone Project

At the time of writing this text, I have completed exactly 95% of the course and currently I am a bit confused with this capstone project. I mean some are saying that it’s not compulsory to submit this project 16 … but I want to know whether submitting this project will help me achieve more percentage in the final evaluation?

Another thing I would like to know is that, instead of the complex procedure shown like involving refrigerator in it, can we do something else on our own and submit the same?

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You can build something your own using bolt module.

what I originally meant to ask is that, is the capstone project a mandatory one for getting good marks in the final evaluation from Bolt’s side? or is it mainly for our own purpose for grasping the concepts in a better way?

The capstone project is not related to the project for the certification it is just for your understanding and of course you can submit the same in the exam but you wont get additional marks for it.

If you need to get high marks in the exam you should do a project of your own and upload it to Hackster and when you take the exam you have to give this link of your project that you have done of our own to gain High marks.