Doubts Regarding Projects for Assured and Training Certificates

  1. How do I submit the Capstone Project?
  2. Can I submit the Capstone Project as the project for the Training Certificate? Or does it have to be different?
  3. Can I submit the Training Certificate project for the Assured Internship Certificate too? Or do I have to make a separate project for the internship?
  4. The Assured Internship is basically just submission of the Internship project right? Or do we have to do some other work too in that?
  5. Can I retake the exam if I don’t score enough?
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@reshmikasnambiar here are the answers for your query:

  1. There is no need to submit the Capstone Project, it is for personal evaluation only.

  2. As for the training certificate, you should make a new project which isn’t discussed in the training because the project carries 22 marks out of 100 in the final test and the criterion of evaluation are Originality, Content, Ease of Recreation and Code Explanation. So its better to submit a new project which has been made by you.

  3. Yes you can do the same, but in the case of Internship it is of utmost importance that you make a new and useful project so that the Internship Certificate can be provided to you. You have to do one of the two tasks:

  • Task1: One video tutorial on building a project with Bolt IoT and ML platform. Check this section of the Bolt IoT website to get an idea of what we are looking for: Good projects will be added to this workshop section on the homepage of Bolt IoT. You need to be creative with your project and it should not be one that is done in past or covered in training. You may refer to for project ideas.

  • OR Task 2: Build 2 different projects with Bolt IoT and ML platform and submit the tutorial as text content . You can refer to the same links mentioned in task 1. Good projects will be added under

  1. Internship certificate will be provided if your project is good enough and differenr from others in some way. No nned to do any other stuff for that.

  2. No, you can’t re take the exam unless and until there was some technical glitch from Bolt’s end during the Final Exam. I prefer that you should just go through each concept thoruoghly and then you will eaily pass the certification test.

I hope I have answered all of your queries, so do close the thread by clicking on the Solution button in the post :grin:


the final assured internship tutorial video is long and hence will need a lot of data to upload. Can I upload it after dividing it into two parts ?
@raghav.srivastava @ashwin.salgaocar

@khandenathparth yes that would be fine. It would be better if you put them in one Google Drive folder and send a single link.

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